and manage
your digital
photo files

  • Archiving on DVDs
  • Organizing in Picasa
  • Photo Croppingk

Is your digital photo collection out of control? Do you want to be able to do more with your photographs? Most importantly - do you have all your photos stored in a safe place? I provide tutoring to help make sense of all your photo files so you can more easily find the photos you are looking for and share them with family and friends. Working on either your Mac or Windows computer, we'll create the best solution for your computing abilities and the size of your digital photo collection.

Recommend photo storage solutions.
Implement a digital photo archive system.


Demonstrate and provide training for sharing photos in a variety of ways - via email, uploading to websites or other digital displays.
Guidance for creating printed projects.



Meet to review your photo collection.

Recommend approach for organizing digital photo files.

Provide guidelines for organizing and naming photos files.


Training for how to handle digital photo files - from camera to computer, from computer to software programs.
Fine tune or setup a backup system.